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So . . . you need a website?  That’s a great start for your online presence!  Did you know that there are over 1.8 billion websites and 4.7 billion internet users in the world?   This means your customers and prospects are looking for you online!  If you don’t have a online presence and a good one, you are definitely missing out on opportunities to grow!  AND if your online presence is poor or presents negatively, you can definitely hurt your business.  

Your website is the heart of your digital footprint.  It is the very beginning and end of where your customers land when they search for you and the product/services you offer.  Further, your website can help achieve a variety of marketing goals like explaining the benefit of your products and services, helping with brand image, selling products and services, gaining donations and growing awareness and more.  Ideally, you would like your website to turn into conversions. 

Thinking about your website design and development?  When building your website, first we start with branding, it’s all about your branding. Things like your logo, slogan, tagline, color choices, font selections and brand personality & image.  Then, we integrate your branding with imagery and carefully written content that compliments it.  All this sends an interwoven, important message about the value of your brand to your customers and prospects.  And that is just the design portion of it.  Then there are the technical, developmental aspects of your website like coding, secure connections, speed, privacy, anti-spam filters, hosting, maintenance, etc.  Although website design and development are technically separate aspects of your website they need to work together to give you the best online presence possible!

Website Features Available:

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

Grow your business!

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business


The heart of your digital footprint needs to be functional & beautiful.

social media managEment

Two way interaction where your customers & prospects are daily.


Be found on search engines when your customers look for you.

Pay-per-click ppc advertising

Social media and search engines paid advertising ensures you are seen.

google analytics

Get more out of your website by analyzing it's traffic and more.

direct response

Email, postal mail and SMS (Text): direct reach to customers & prospects.

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

Grow your business!

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business
BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

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BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business