Pay-Per-click (PPC) Advertising


Paid digital advertising & PPC for small businesses is a great promotional option. It can definitely help you reach your marketing goals!  Whether they are to increase sales, grow awareness, increase donations, etc. Paid digital advertising has so many options to choose from.

Types of paid digital advertising

As a small business, there are a multitude of options to choose from in paid digital advertising. You can boost or promote content on your social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. You can place a variety of ads on search engines including search ads, shopping ads, video ads, display ads, etc. This (search engine ads) is often referred to as PPC. You also can advertise your small business on other business websites or conversely allow them to advertise on your website. There are other options as well which include things like banner ads, pop-up ads, ads on third party resellers like Marketplace, etc. 

With so many choices and limited budgets, deciding on  the best platform for your small business paid digital advertising can be challenging.  You want to maximize your advertising efforts to see the best possible ROAS (return on advertising spend). We, at BG Digital Marketing Solutions can help you do just that.  First, we will take a look at your target market and then determine target audiences appropriate for each digital platform. Then we will help you determine which type of ads to use and create them. Lastly, we will measure your return on advertising spend and take action to see your business grow online

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BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

Grow your business!

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business


The heart of your digital footprint needs to be functional & beautiful.

social media managEment

Two way interaction where your customers & prospects are daily.


Be found on search engines when your customers look for you.

Pay-per-click ppc advertising

Social media and search engines paid advertising ensures you are seen.

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Get more out of your website by analyzing it's traffic and more.

direct response

Email, postal mail and SMS (Text): direct reach to customers & prospects.

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

Grow your business!

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business