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Integrated Social Media Management

At BG Digital Marketing Solutions, we specialize in integrated social media management. What exactly is integrated social media? Don’t worry if you never heard of it, we coined the phrase. It’s a simple principle many marketers are not even aware of. It means your social media strategy aligns perfectly with your brand. On -brand to be exact. The colors, logo, font, messages, images, etc. all flow with your overall marketing strategy. In addition, they are integrated with all your marketing tools like your website, your PPC campaigns, your email marketing, SEO AND all your offline advertising. In a world where we see so many choices in marketing tools each independent of each other, we aim to bring them all together. We believe your social media and other marketing tools should work together.   

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIN, Reddit, TikTok:
Need a social channel tune-up?

Social media management has become a must for any small business.  Why? In a highly credible 2021 study by Pew Research, 72% of US adults are on social media. That is 7 in 10 people. Further, this study found that many of these users, your customers and prospects, are on social media daily. That is a huge opportunity to get your business in front of new and current customers. If you don’t have a careful plan for your social media, you are missing out!

You probably have questions like: Which social media platform is best for my business? What type of content should I post on each? Should I reuse content? Should there be different content for each channel? What’s the optimal time to post content? How can I use an influencer strategy? Should I buy advertising and boost content or is organic posting enough? How should I efficiently manage all those comments, likes, questions and feedback on multiple platforms?

At BG Digital Marketing Solutions, we are experts at integrated social media management! BG Digital Marketing has been using and teaching tools like Hootsuite since 2014. We will put together a plan to include: social media goals, a competitive analysis, your optimal social media channels, correct setup on each social media channel, content to post on each and at timing.  Further, we will analyze your traffic to help you know what is working and what is not. After the initial setup, you can continue to have us manage your social media on a monthly basis or we can create templates for you & teach you how to take it over yourself.

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

Grow your business!

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business


The heart of your digital footprint needs to be functional & beautiful.

social media managEment

Two way interaction where your customers & prospects are daily.


Be found on search engines when your customers look for you.

Pay-per-click ppc advertising

Social media and search engines paid advertising ensures you are seen.

google analytics

Get more out of your website by analyzing it's traffic and more.

direct response

Email, postal mail and SMS (Text): direct reach to customers & prospects.

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

Grow your business!

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business