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BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

Grow your business!

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

BIG Digital Marketing
for Small Business & Nonprofits

BG Digital Marketing Solutions provides BIG digital marketing for small business and nonprofits. We are on a mission to help small businesses and nonprofits grow! We do this by finding solutions to common business problems that can be solved with digital marketing. 

We are different for a variety of reasons:

The first reason we are different is our methodology to reaching success for our clients. This methodology starts by creating a Digital Marketing Strategy & Plan with measurable goals. Then, we take a look at your budget. After that, we help you choose the appropriate digital marketing promotional tools. These can range from a new website to SEO to PPC advertising, etc. Our methodology is proven to create measurable success for your small business or non-profit!

We also are different because we like to use a digital integrated marketing communication approach (Digital IMC). Never heard of that? Well, we coined it. We took a look around and saw a lot of digital marketing companies focusing on just ONE area of digital marketing, in silos. For example, we found lots of companies who said the answer you need is SEO. Other companies touted In-bound marketing. Then there are PPC and social media management solutions and website companies and on and on. As a small business owner, what are you supposed to do? Hire an independent specialist for each area of digital marketing. Or better yet, spend hours into days into years learning about all these areas only to have them change just as you mastered them. 

We create digital integrated marketing communications. This means all your digital marketing promotional tools flow seamlessly and are intertwined.  They work together creating synergy which in turn creates higher sales and returns. We look at ALL components of digital marketing.  We ARE digital integrated marketing communications!

Another thing we do differently is digital marketing education. The world of digital marketing has become so complicated. So many acronyms from PPC, SEO, SEM,CTA, CTR, CPC, CPL and a favorite of ours GA. Do you know what these all are? Here is a great list, we like, 108 digital acronyms and marketing terms you should know.

But, you want to run your business and practice your craft. You DON’T want to become a digital marketing expert. Thankfully, you can leave that to use. We pride ourselves on not only helping you with digital marketing solutions but also educating you along the way. The education is important so you know what you are paying for and can quickly understand what is working for your business and what is not.

Thankfully our founder brings years of teaching marketing at the collegiate level. Combined with marketing expertise, this marketing education can only help your small business or non-profit grow and reach all time new levels of success!

Last, we stand out from our competitors because our approach is customer centric. We tailor our solutions by understanding and meeting the needs of our customers. We are accessible and proactive.  We offer a broad range of digital marketing solutions to meet every need.  We understand that your needs don’t fit neatly into one digital marketing solution box.

Another thing we do differently is digital marketing education. The world of 

We are the BIG digital marketing solution that your small business or nonprofit needs to grow!

How we do it . . .


First, we help you plan a digital marketing strategy according to your desired marketing & sales goals and budget. There is NO other way to start a project.


Next, we help you choose the most cost effective digital marketing tools. These might include websites, SEO, social media, email, SMS and/or PPC.


Last, we measure the results to determine if we have reached our set goals. Then we refine and make adjustments to move forward in a continued marketing effort.

Why we do it . . .

We love helping people succeed! Bottom line, it’s that simple. Digital marketing has become so complicated and expensive. Our goal is to make it simpler and more affordable for small businesses and nonprofits. Our passion is digital marketing and we use that to help you grow!

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

Grow your business!

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

What we do . . .


The heart of your digital footprint needs to be functional & beautiful.

social media managEment

Two way interaction where your customers & prospects are daily.


Be found on search engines when your customers look for you.

Pay-per-click ppc advertising

Social media and search engines paid advertising ensures you are seen.

google analytics

Get more out of your website by analyzing it's traffic and more.

direct response

Email, postal mail and SMS (Text): direct reach to customers & prospects.

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business

Grow your business!

BG Big Digital Marketing For Small Business